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Processes and technology first

developed by American Proteins

have become industry standards.

Each week, 95 million pounds of allied poultry products are transported from poultry processing plants throughout the southeast to the Cumming, Georgia, Hanceville, Alabama, and Cuthbert, Georgia Divisions. These plants process raw materials into nutrient-rich feed supplements for the poultry, livestock and pet food industries all around the world.


With a fast-growing list of customers and an increase in our export business, our quality products are being used around the world. Innovation is the driving force behind every aspect of our operation. Many of the processes and much of the technology that are industry standards today, like continuous cookers and advanced materials handling equipment design, were originated by American Proteins. We are committed to continuing our research and discovery efforts as industry needs change and technologies advance


Quality Formulations...

As the poultry, livestock and pet food industries continue to grow, the need has become apparent for a more scientific approach to full utilization of various amino acids present in different protein ingredients.


Superior Service & Quality...

American Proteins has thrived because we are committed to responsive, fast and helpful service. Regardless of company size or need, we respond to all of our customers with immediate, appropriate service.


Quality control at American Proteins is unmatched. It is our number one priority, from handling raw materials to processing and formulations. Ongoing staff training, strict traffic control, biosecurity and rigid quality assurance programs allow us to consistently provide customers with high-quality products that are safe and free of contaminants.


Tommy Bagwell: Owner
Donald W. Mabe, Jr : CEO

Mark Ham: President
Mike Hull: CFO
Stan Gudenkauf: VP Sales and Marketing

Richard Stewart: Director of Business Development
Roger Smith: Corporate Engineer
Gordon Linder: Corporate Controller

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