AMPRO Products


Gainesville, GA
Pickensville, AL
Aliceville, AL
Concordia, MO


Corporate Office:

In 1988, American Proteins responded to the national and international demand for custom blended protein feed supplements by forming a new corporation, AMPRO Products. Working with customers and nutritionists in several industries, AMPRO Products custom-blends animal proteins from multiple sources to create a product that yields maximum utilization of amino acids. Using the most up-to-date technology, AMPRO Products specializes in the production and wholesale/retail sale of these specially blended protein products.


AMPRO Products assures its customers greater consistency because we control the product from beginning to end; higher quality because of our scientific approach to every step of production; and convenience because AMPRO offers a complex protein blend in a single product. AMPRO Products' international customers are offered the additional convenience of bagged or bulk containered products.

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