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All three of our American Proteins rendering facilities are reclaiming 95,000,000 pounds a week of otherwise waste product into high quality protein and fat ingredients for animal feed products, while strictly adhering to state and federal environmental compliance regulations. We continuously research, invest and implement environmental improvement strategies at every stage of our production cycle. From operator training, to capture and reuse of biogas, to extensive water recycling quality programs, American Proteins leads the way in environmental responsibility.


We invite you to see for yourself. Below are awards and recognition we have received through the years.
Listing of the awards and links.

Wood bark air filter
Waste water treatment lagoon

Methane gas collection

reused for fueling boilers


Hanceville, Alabama Division

2001 Excellence in Industrial Wastewater Treatment (Physical/Biological Treatment)

Presented by Alabama’s Water Environment Association, April 2002
The award recognizes the best operated Category III (Physical/Biological Treatment) Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility in Alabama.
2003 Alabama Water Environment Association Award (.pdf)


2003 Clean Water Award Honorable Mention, Full Treatment Category

Presented by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, March 2003
The award recognizes outstanding water treatment facilities in the poultry industry.
2003 Honorable Mention US Poultry Egg Association (.pdf)


2004 Clean Water Award, Full Treatment Category

Presented by U.S. Poultry & Egg Association, March 2004
The Clean Water Award recognizes outstanding water treatment facilities in the poultry industry. The full treatment category covers facilities that fully treat their wastewater prior to discharge into a receiving water or final land application system.
2004 Award Winner US Poultry Egg Association (.pdf)
Watt 2004 Award Article (.pdf)


Recent Improvements @ Hanceville


Air Control System



  • Installed mist eliminator in air ducting system.
  • Installed biogas collection system over anaerobic lagoon. Eliminated odors and emissions from lagoon. Utilize biogas in boiler operation.



  • Installed vapor removal for single screw press.
  • Installed a Nexus boiler control system to auto tune boilers and emissions.



  • Air ducting change to improve scrubber efficiency and control odors. Pre-heater to spray tower to bio-filter.
  • Installed system to recover boiler blown down heat to save energy.


Wastewater Treatment System





  • Installed liner in #2 aerobic lagoon
  • Spraying system to cool and evaporate water from the reuse lagoon #3.



  • Improvements to storm water control system



  • Installed recycle pump and piping in anaerobic lagoon for better mixing.
  • Upgrade transformers, electrical service and added five (5) additional 15 hp surface aerators in #3A aerobic lagoon.
  • Installed blood screen to improve wastewater loadings.
  • Installed a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System on the secondary treatment system. This system automatically controls dissolved oxygen in reactor #2, pH in reactor #2, nitrate recycle flow rate, waste activated sludge flow rate, return sludge flow rate, influent flow rate and temperature in reactor #2 and monitors numerous of other flows rates. Monitors ORP, pH, and dissolved oxygen in both #1 and #2 reactors. The SCADA system has full alarm capabilities.



  • Installed heat exchanger on blood stick water to cool waste flow.
  • Added an additional suction line to the anoxic pump wet well for additional capacity.
  • Installation of a 16” discharge line and flow meter from the anoxic pump station to reactor #2.



  • Completed major expansion of the wastewater treatment system to remove additional nutrients. New additional anoxic and oxic tanks were installed. Making it a 4-stage treatment process. New nitrate recycle line installed. New anoxic pump station from #1 reactor to #2 reactor. Additional SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) upgrade with direct inline monitoring of ammonia, nitrates, MLSS, pH and ORP.



  • Installed liner in 3A Aerated Lagoon.
Cumming, Georgia Division

2002 Major Source: Compliance Management Program

Presented by the Air and Waste Management Association, Georgia Chapter
Awards recognize firms and entities that demonstrate a dedication to environmental improvements beyond regulatory compliance.
2002 Air and Waste Mgmt (.pdf)


2003 - 2009

  • Keep Forsyth Country Beautiful


2003 - 2009

  • Day of Caring


1990 - 2009

  • Partner's in Education


1997 - 2009

  • March of Dimes top Donator



  • Clean Air Campaign



  • FM Global Gold Star Award



  • U.S. Department of Energy Award



  • AFIA Environmental Award
Cuthbert, Georgia Division
2002 Honorable Mention – Medium Industry Facility - Manufacturing

Presented by the Governor’s Pollution Prevention Assistance Division
Georgia Governors Pollution Prevention Award 2002 (.pdf)



  • Georgia Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention in Manufacturing



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