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The year was 1949, and World War 2 was over. America had turned to the brighter pursuits of building businesses, homes and families. Prosperity was spurring growth in Atlanta, which was on its way to becoming the international city of the south. But, growth and prosperity were slower in arriving in rural north Georgia. Only a few men realized that a new source of opportunity… the fully integrated poultry industry... was on its way.


Leland Bagwell was one of those men.


It was 1949 when he founded North Georgia Rendering Company. He focused on two challenges: Handling the ever-increasing volumes of by-products generated by the poultry processing plants and meeting the growing need for high quality, cost effective protein feed supplements. Leland Bagwell knew that until these challenges were faced and met, the poultry industry could never reach it's full potential. In its first year, North Georgia Rendering Company processed 150 thousand pounds of allied poultry products per week, and back then that was an impressive number.


Today, however, American Proteins, Inc., the outgrowth of North Georgia Rendering, processes that same 150 thousand pounds in less than 15 minutes. From its state of the art environmentally sound plants located in

American Proteins quality products

are vital components in the poultry,

livestock and pet food industries.

Cumming and Cuthbert Georgia, and Hanceville, Alabama, American Proteins produces more than 750,000 tons of finished proteins and fat. American Proteins is a world leader in poultry protein and fat sales and new product development. We have placed great emphasis on developing high quality feed ingredients from allied poultry by- products. Not just for the poultry industry, but for the dairy, beef, swine, aqua-culture and pet food industry.


Our knowledge of nutrition has grown along with the industry. We are now more sophisticated and understand the demand for unique nutrition profiles found in poultry meal and feather meal. We also understand that our customers operate businesses that measure profit margins in fractions of pennies. Each process and each product must offer the best possible value for the time and money expended. With its vast production volume, multiple locations and years of experience, American Proteins is unchallenged in its ability to bring you that kind of value.


From its newest employee, to the most experienced scientist, the American Proteins family is totally committed to providing superior, thoroughly tested products that are consistent, safe, nutritionally valuable and contaminant-free.

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