Hydrolyzed Poultry Feather Meal


Hydrolyzed poultry feather meal is a good source of natural protein for most animal diets and can be used to replace a significant portion of other protein sources in livestock and aquaculture diets.


Many studies by university and private research scientists have confirmed the utilization of feather meal and the economic advantage as an ingredient. Research from the University of Georgia found the mean True Metabolizable Energy (TMEn) for Feather Meal to be 3637 kcal/kg on a dry matter basis. In similar research from the University of Minnesota, feather meal with a TMEn of 3250 kcal/kg reported a True Available Amino Acid (TAAA) of 80 percent.


Further research has shown that the addition of feather meal can increase lean percent in broilers and swine, provide important by-pass protein for ruminants, and provide an economical source of protein for aquaculture diets.


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Rendering: Cumming Division
Cuthbert Division
Hanceville Division
Blending: AMPRO Products, Inc.
Analytical Testing: AMPRO Laboratories, Inc.
Tag Guarantee
  • Crude Protein, not less than 80%
  • Crude fat, not less than 6%
  • Crude fiber, not less than 3%
Physical Properties
90 % will pass through a #8 mesh, density 28-30 pounds per cubic foot, color is light brown.
Typical Analysis


Amino Acid Profile
  Taurine 0.01%
  Hydroxyproline 0.23%
  Aspartic Acid 5.33%
  Threonine 3.70%
  Serine 7.88%
  Glutamic Acid 8.13%
  Proline 8.41%
  Lanthionine 1.65%
  Glycine 6.25%
  Alainie 3.57%
  Cysteine 4.99%
  Valine 6.28%
  Methionine 0.57%
  Isoleucine 3.79%
  Leucine 6.59%
  Throsine 2.33%
  Phenylalainie 3.97%
  Hydroxylysine 0.01%
  Histidine 0.61%
  Ornithine 0.30%
  Lysine 1.79%
  Arginine 5.68%
  Tryptophan 0.47%
Moisture 6.72%
Fat 11.36%
Protein 81.46%
Fiber 0.31%
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